My Portfolio

Hi, I’m Anshuman
a Programer.

I am a senior in high school and a Jack of all trades. I am capable of working on full movie productions, including directing, filming, and editing. My foundational skills in Java, JavaScript, Python, HTML, and Bash are strong. I have managed teams with expertise in everything from robotics marketing to weekly news shows. I've assisted businesses with website upkeep and product marketing, and I'm always interested in learning new things.


What I Acomplished

Film/Video Production

I've directed a variety of film and video production projects, from independent to team-led comprehensive productions.


I've worked on everything from simple programs to fully automating a robot for competition or creating a robotic hand that connects to a wireless glove.


I have led and started numerous teams, ranging from leading imagery to planning teams to establishing a new club and branch for Monthly News.


I collaborated with teams to contact organizations for sponsoring school teams to create promotional materials for companies that offer real products.


I've spent the last five years learning and mastering most of Adobe's design programs in order to develop designs and material that can be utilized to market or create content.


In the last three years, I've been learning new technical skills such as how to design circuits, solder, and lay out structures for various projects ranging from Robotic Hands to whole wooden temples from scratch.

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My Portfolio

7+ Years of Experience

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